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Men Can Stop Rape


Links to Sites by Feminist Men

Compiled by Sena Christian

The National Organization for Men Against Sexism:

Men Against Sexual Violence:

The White Ribbon Campaign:

Boston Area Men's Campaign:

Mainly Men Against Violence:

Men Can Stop Rape:

Men Stopping Violence:

Men for HAWC:


Mentors in Violence Prevention:

Dads and Daughters:

Tulane Men Against Rape:

Jackson Katz web page:

Athletes for Sexual Responsibility:

Meninist: Men Supporting the Women's Movement:

Oxfam GB's Gender Equality and Men Project:


Profeminist Network Finland:

Men For Change (Canada):

Masculinity and gender awareness:

Achilles Heel (UK profeminist men's magazine):

Michael Kaufman (writer/speaker on men's issues):

Allan Johnson (writer/speaker on men's issues):

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