Women’s Music Festivals

The following are links to women’s music festivals the world over. If you know of any others, please let us know. February Sistajive Women’s Music Festival (end of February) Australia Migwaves@hotkey.net.au April Southern Womyn’s Festival (end of March-beginning of April) Dade City, Florida www.gaywomyn.org/festival/main.htm FriendsFest Music FEstival (beginning of April) Dripping Springs, TX www.womensfestival.com/friendsfest.htm Gulf

Male-Pattern Violence

By Jennie Ruby There seems to be a kind of statistical dyslexia that people get when Why do both men and women avoid admitting the existence of and examining male violence? Could it be we don’t really want to end violence? Are we afraid, as a society, that if our men shy away from violence,

Embracing Hypocrisy: Why I Liked Charlie’s Angels

off our backs, December 2000, V.30; N.11 p. 11, Word Count: 1426 Jenn Smith So I bought into it. The media waged a vicious and successful campaign on a usually socially conscious radical feminist. Maybe it was the big bus-stop billboards with butt-kicking babes plastered all around the city, maybe it was nostalgia, the desire

Radio Shows

Radio shows are alphabetical by city. National/International WINGS Women’s International News Gathering Service Offers woman-centered radio programming which is availbable to order on-line: wings.org FIRE Feminist International Radio Endeavor Fire.or.cr/indexeng.htm Women’s Radio Fund womensradiofund.org The F-Files Real, Radical, Revolutionary Radio Stream it Live at www.wnhu.net www.ffiles.net (free archived shows with Catharine Mackinnon, Cynthia Enloe, Loretta

Teaching Tools

Special issues of off our backs can be a powerful tool in the classroom for sparking discussion, opening areas for research, and helping students interact with the current thinking on women’s issues today. Our Teaching Packets, based on our special issues, give yousample articles from off our backs and other sources, teaching ideas, and suggested

Links to Men's Sites

The National Organization for Men Against Sexism: www.nomas.org Men Against Sexual Violence: www.menagainstsexualviolence.org/ The White Ribbon Campaign: www.whiteribbon.ca Boston Area Men’s Campaign: www.menscampaign.org Mainly Men Against Violence: www.mmavs.org Men Can Stop Rape: www.mencanstoprape.org Men Stopping Violence: www.menstoppingviolence.org Men for HAWC: www.menforhawc.com Emerge: www.emergedv.com Mentors in Violence Prevention: www.sportinsociety.org/mvp.html Dads and Daughters: www.dadsanddaughters.org Tulane Men Against

What People Say

“I never miss an issue of off our backs. This old-style feminist newspaper gives a radically different view of current events from what you can find anywhere else.” Marilyn Frye: “It’s what I think of as feminism.” Other Readers “This is truly the best women’s news magazine I have ever read. Political feminism, world news,

L Word Review

Printer-friendly version Insemination isn’t all that’s artificial about “The L Word.” The Showtime drama being billed as “groundbreaking” should come with a warning: Best avoided if you are offended by images of heterosexual sex acts. That’s right: The hot new lesbian drama is full of het sex. And that’s not the worst of it. The

About Us

off our backs is a newsjournal by, for, and about women. It was published continuously from 1970 to 2008, making it the longest surviving feminist newspaper in the United States. It is run by a collective where all decisions are made by consensus. Mission The mission of the magazine is to provide news and information


First issue of off our backs, published in February 1970. The mission of off our backs is: to provide news and information about women’s lives and feminist activism; to educate the public about the status of women around the world; to serve as a forum for feminist ideas and theory; to be an information resource