• Women fighting sexist advertising in Croatia,
  • Middle Eastern women and Mediterranean women who held a conference on sexuality and social change in spite of many difficulties,
  • Argentine housewives demanding their share of relief in the face of the economic collapse there,
  • Turkish, Namibian and Nigerian women fighting for lesbian rights and women’s rights.

We also hear from women who attended the World Economic Forum protests in New York City and the meeting of the World Social Forum in Brazil. There is also an analysis of the differences between the legal justifications of British and American abortion laws and an examination of what best brings about radical feminist change in Tanzania and Uganda. Finally, we feature book reviews of Empower Women: Land and Property Rights in Latin America, Sweatshop Warriors: Immigrant Women Workers Take on the Global Factory, and Intimate Betrayal: Domestic Violence in Lesbian Relationships, as well as a look at Indian filmmaker Deepa Mehta’s work. We hope you find these articles as fascinating and inspiring as we did.

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