Three of our 2001 summer interns, Katie Dumler, Angie Young, and Britanny Fremaux, pictured outside the oob office in Washington, DC, along with office staff Vanessa McMullin, Karla Mantilla, and Jennie Ruby intersbg-4690061
Vatsana Pounkone, our fabulous graphics intern, implemented the redisign of oob into magazine format, summer 2001. She also created advertisements, renewal cards, and other graphics for the office. THANK YOU! vatsabg-4434980
The oob collective and friends prepare to blow out the candles on our 30th anniversary cake, January 2001. prtycake-4851967
Left to right: Laura Butterbaugh, Angie Manzano, Anitra Jones at oob’s 30th anniversary celebration. partiers-8135260
A look over the shoulder of a collective member creating pages the old-fashioned way, with paper, wax, and an exacto knife. Much of the publication was created this way up through summer of 2001. layoutfm-9284745
Collective members and friends layout pages for oob in the early 1990s. backs-8477443
The oob office, circa 1993. ooboff9s-6218749
Laura (left) tries to convince Jennie to throw away an old, broken keyboard for a 286 computer, in 1996. tugowar-3972423
Volunteers help load back issues into a truck to go to storage. loadnews-7208321
Vicki Stanhope and Laura Butterbaugh in oob’s reference library. vicnlaur-2852687