oobfiesta2-7948400Four Mother Tongue poets opened the evening at oob’s latest fundraiser for the off our backs 35 Year Fund. With some traditional poems and several rousing slam spoken words, women’s lives, loves, and anger were vividly expressed.

The opening band, The Beffa’s, followed, with quirky and sweet, yet twisted, songs of humor, lust, and longing.

oobfiesta1-7968379The awesome band Mess Up the Mess cranked the party up another notch with rousing renditions of original punk tunes–the lead singer, Cricket, leapt around the livingroom/stage with high energy and rousing lyrics. oobers especially appreciated The F-Bomb. The fully amped quintet of guitar, bass, keyboards, drums and vocalist rocked the Mt. Pleasant row house to its roof.

And, oh yes, it WAS a FIESTA after all. Between sets the attending crowd of some 70 cool, cool, people danced salsa. And ate salsa. And talked and partied to the sounds of salsa.

Thanks go to collective member Angie Manzano for the use of her house, and for her awesome cut-paper decorations and fabulous food. Karla Mantilla gets a shout out for the marvelous sangria. Organizer Angie Young also gets mucho cred–as a member of The Beffa’s too! She is totally Beffa!

And a BIG, BIG THANKS to Mess Up the Mess!

Smash the State Party

Yeah, we did it. We smashed the state–that is, we ate the capitol building. Okay, so it was made of white chocolate. But that didn’t take away one bit from the satisfaction of destroying, if only in effigy, the place where Democrats behave like Republicans-LITE, and Republicans hack away at our liberties daily.

What else went on at this party? Take a look:

decorating-5414206We decorated.

And we dressed up. wedressedup-6345159

dancing-6612374And we danced.

And we pied the president. guestofdishonor-2129218Our guest of dishonor.


Video pie-ing.

We pinned the lies on the liars.


And we clobbered republi-pundits over the head with a baseball bat. It was fun. Take that Bill O’Reilly. You too, Rush.



And the watermelons. Well, the watermelons were messy. But it had to be done.



And we smoked cigars to celebrate.cigars-1080762

jnb1-2253437And sipped some Scotch.

And we made some money for oob’s 35th Year Fund. And we started planning our next one. See you at the Feminist Fiesta. May 28th. Don’t miss it.


A Great Big Sloppy Thank You to our organizer extraordinaire, Angie Young!!!!