RadLesFes is a gathering of loosely-affiliated Radical Feminist Lesbians. Not a Women’s Festival in traditional rlf-2248387terms, this gathering is built around breaking down the isolation many of us feel in our local communities, connecting our Radical Feminism to a broad range of issues, and nurturing each other’s Wild Woman Loving through great conversation, great food, and celebrating other women’s lives and work. There are no paid entertainers or “professional” speakers; the Gathering is participant produced and directed. Each gathering is produced by a different group of women, with different approaches.

The group is ever-changing, with some women who are always at RadLesFes and other women who come once or occasionally, so any description isn’t entirely precise. Nonetheless, a general description of us might include:

  • We range in age from mid-20s to mid-60s
  • We share a core value of loving women and opposing the cultural hatred of women
  • Many of us have been involved in various struggles against oppression for most of our adult lives and know that protest letters, telephone networks, spray paint, and bolt cutters are all handy tools for women’s liberation
  • Many of us read and/or write for the Radical Feminist journals Rain and Thunder and off our backs

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