fistlogo-5999415 The following are links to women’s music festivals the world over. If you know of any others, please let us know.


Sistajive Women’s Music Festival (end of February) Australia


Southern Womyn’s Festival (end of March-beginning of April) Dade City, Florida

FriendsFest Music FEstival (beginning of April) Dripping Springs, TX

Gulf Coast Womyn’s Festival (middle of April) Ovett, MS


Desert Hearts Women’s Festival (end of May) Bandera, TX

CampOut Music Festival (end of May) Near Charlottesville, VA

St. Louis Women’s Music Festival (end of May) St. Louis, MO

Santa Fe Women’s Weekend (end of May) Santa Fe, NM

Women Outdoors Peterborough,NH

Wiminfest Albuquerque, NM (end of May)


Womongathering-The Festival of Womyn’s Spirituality (beginning of June)

Hopland Women’s Festival (beginning of June) Hopland, CA

Sistah Summerfest (middle of June) Blue Ridge Mountains, WV

National Women’s Music Festival (end of June) Muncie, Indiana

Southern Ontario Womyn’s Drum Camp (beginning of June) Bend, Ontario, Canada

Golden Threads Celebration (end of June) Provincetown, MA

MujerFest (end of June)


Alaska Women’s Music Festival (end of June-beginning of July) Fairbanks, Alaska

Camp Pleaides (end of June-beginning of July) Bakersville, NC

Southern Girls Convention (end of July) Auburn, AL

Women’s Voices Festival (end of July) Plantagenet, Ontario, Canada

Women’s Motorcycle Ride-In (mid July) Catskills, NY


Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival (beginning of August) Near Hart, MI

Twin Oaks Women’s Gathering (end of August) Louisa, VA

Christian Lesbians Out (CLOUT) Gathering (early August) Washington, DC

Old Lesbian Gathering Minneapoli, MN

Rock City women’s Fest (mid August) Wakefiled, Quebec, Canada


Sisterspace Weekend (beginning of September) Darlington, MD

Midwest Womyn’s Festival (beginning of September) DeKalb, IL

Wiminfest (Beginning of September) Albuquerque, NM

Sappho Lesbian Witch Camp (beginning of September) Near Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

New Hampshire Women’s Music Festival (beginning of September) Danbury, NH

Hawaiifest (beginning of September) St, Augustine, FL

Iowa Women’s Music Festival (middle of September) Iowa City, IA


RadLesFes (middle of November) Near Philadelphia, PA

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